Confidence on the Golf Course

Confidence can be the determining factor whether you end up first or last.

A confident golfer plays with a relaxed easy attitude.

He believes in himself and his ability to handle any and all situations that present themselves. 

The GolfNosis System uses an NLP technique while you are hypnotized to create a trigger, (a simple physical action – such as clenching your fist) to automatically and instantly instill you with a profound and strong sense of confidence in yourself and your abilites.

Confidence comes from successfully accomplishing tasks. 

A golfer who has made a difficult shot in the past knows deep inside that he can repeat the action again.

  Usually the only thing that gets in the way of hitting the difficult shot again is the mental state of the golfer.

A golfer with many years of experience has probably hit many difficult shots, thus he has many references to remind him that the shot is doable and that he can do it!!

How can a beginning golfer feel confident about his game?

The beginning golfer while not having the opportunity to hit difficult shots, can still be confident in hitting the harder shots.

The beginning golfer does not have many successful experiences on the course, but like most of us he does have OTHER experiences in his life where he accomplished difficult tasks. These are the references to use when faced with a difficult shot, these are the experiences that he would use to put himself in a mental state of confidence.

To be confident is a choice!!

That’s right – if you WANT to be confident simply think confident thoughts.

To be fearful, insecure, doubting yourself and your abilities is also a choice!!

By controlling your thoughts you control your state of mind and your feelings – you can either feel like you can do it, or you can feel like you can’t do it. 

Which do you think would be better if you want to play good golf?


So control your thoughts and control your game.

If you need help controlling your thoughts the Golfnosis System has many PROVEN techniques to help you control your mind and in doing so control your body and your golf game.