Golfnosis classes/SEMINARS

Attend an exciting informative live class and learn how easy it is to improve your golf game using Golfnosis!



Savvy Golf Course Managers are quickly finding out how east and profitiable it is to host a GolfNosis seminar.

GolfNosis Seminars are available for the following topics:

1. GolfNosis Introduction - 1 Hour.

Learn how the GolfNosis System can help you lower your scores by using your most powerful asset - your own mind.

2. Relaxed Golf - 3 Hours.

When do you play your best golf? When you are relaxed and at ease of course!
You will learn 12 easy yet effective ways to relax your body and more importantly your mind.
When body and mind are relaxed your scores will go down quickly.

3. Controlling Self-Talk - 3 Hours.

Your mind can be your worst enemy or your greatest ally.
Take this seminar and learn how to cut down and eliminate the mental chatter that can
quickly ruin your game.

4. Building Un-Shakeable Confidence - 3 Hours.

Winning golfers are confident golfers, those who doubt their ability don't make the cut.
When you take this seminar you will learn how to create and maintain a relaxed confidence in yourself and your abilities.

5. Creating Disciplined Focus and Laser Like Concentration - 3 Hours.

Does your mind jump around from one thought to another? Do you find it hard to focus on just one object to the
exclusion of everything else? This seminar will help you harness your mind and teach you ways to focus on what is
important to you - like your target. Also learn how to use distractions to help you concentrate.

6. Visualize Success Using the Power of Mental Rehearsal - 3 Hours.

Do you find it hard to visualize something? Learn how to use the abilities you already have to make visualiaztion work
for you. And once you can visualize properly you can use it to mentally rehearse how you want to play which leads
to playing the way you want..