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Master Hypnotist - Doug Juola - Cht.

Programming the Mind

Doug’s interest in hypnosis began when, as a ten year old, he discovered a book on hypnosis. From that day on he has been constantly studying hypnosis and the human mind.  He began to use self-hypnosis thirty years ago to increase his concentration and retain a relaxed and calm attitude. 
Doug has been a practitioner of martial arts for three decades. Hypnosis helped him focus on his goal of becoming a black belt which he received in 1983, and in June 1993 he attained the rank of Master in Kung Fu San Soo, the ancient art of self-defense. Kung Fu trains not only the body but the mind as well. Many of the techniques in the GolfNosis system originate from the martial arts where a disciplined mind is a pre-requisite for survival.
Doug is an Advanced Certified Hypnotherapist specializing in Sports Hypnosis and a Certified Stage Hypnotist. He helps frustrated golfers and other athletes who want to improve their game by working with them to become more relaxed, focused, and consistent while playing. 
His GolfNosis seminars continue to entertain and inform the large audience of golfers who want to improve their game using hypnosis and other proven mental techniques.

Author of GoflNosis - Doug Juola