Visualization…most people hear the word and think that they must make pictures up in their head.

Properly done, visualization encompasses much more than merely the VISUAL!!

OR..some people say “I just can’t visualize”. What they are really saying is that they don’t know HOW to visualize.

For those people who say they CAN’T visualize or have a hard time seeing things in their mind… I show them that they indeed CAN visualize…in fact that they visualize every day of their lives, whether they know they are visualizing or not!!

Let me give you an exercise to perform…

Close your eyes… wait a minute… read this first then close your eyes and go through the exercise.

I want you to think of a room in your home…lets make it your kitchen. How many windows do you have in your kitchen?

Where is your sink located?

NOW…tell me, how did you know how many windows were in your kitchen?  

How did you know where your sink was located?

You had to go inside your mind and make pictures…remembered images to answer the questions!!!

That is visualizing!!!  Simple right!!

You see we DO IT every minute of every day just by being alive and using our memories.

Athletes have been using visualization exercises to help them improve their game for many, many years.

In fact research has been done showing that when someone visualizes something, the exact same neurons in the brain are fired as if the person was actually doing the activity!!!!

Those neural connections are strengthened simply by thinking of the activity!!

In the GolfNosis system we teach you to visualize using more than just images, it has been proven that the most effective use of visualization exercises involves using ALL of the senses…hearing, touch, smell and even taste.

When you are hypnotized, the suggestions given to you make your experience as REAL and VIVID as if you were actually DOING the activity.

So when you visualize, make the experience as if you were actually there, seeing what you would be seeing, hearing the sounds around you, feeling what you would feel by your sense of touch, smelling the smells, and tasting the taste in your mouth.  All of these senses contributing to make the visualization as REAL as possible.

For example if you were to visualize yourself on the first tee, you would see the green of the grass, the blue of the sky, the white ball, you would hear the sounds around you, perhaps the wind blowing, other people chatting, your breathing, you would feel the club in your hands the feel of your feet in your golf shoes standing on the soft grass, feel the breeze gently caressing your face, the smell of the fresh mown lawn, taste the remains of the coffee in your mouth.

When you visualize ….ALWAYS visualize what you WANT TO HAPPEN!!!  NOT what you DON’T want to happen!!

Always visualize the ball going EXACTLY where you want it to GO!!
The GREAT Jack Nicklaus said that before EVERY shot he took he would “go to the movies”.  He would see, in his mind, exactly where he wanted the ball to go.

There was a research study done at a leading university where they took a group of basketball players, divided them up into three groups – the first group practiced free throws on the court, the second group practiced free throws in their minds (they visualized themselves taking free throws), the third group did nothing at all.

To the astonishment of the researchers, the group that practiced free throws in their minds by visualizing improved more than the other groups.

Another study done by researchers at the Olympic Training Center in Colorado tested 30 college aged golfers.
The first group visualized sinking putts, from the setup to the backswing, to the swing, to the ball falling into the cup.
The second group visualized the same as the first, but saw the ball going to the right or left of the cup.
The last group physically practiced putting.
Here are the AMAZING results!!!

The first group improved their putting by 30%.
The third group improved their putting by 11%.
The second groups putting efficiency DECLINED by 21%!!

The Golfnosis System walks you through step by step the process of visualization so that YOU can benefit from how your mind works.  In the system you are asked to visualize and or remember one of your best rounds of golf.  A round where you could do NO wrong, everything was flowing, you were focused, confident totally in control of your game.  The Golfnosis System helps you be there AGAIN, when you played your VERY BEST golf!!

And then….we amplify those feelings, generating STRONGER emotions, UNSTOPPABLE confidence, the KNOWING that NOTHING can stop you, NOTHING can distract you, NOTHING can get in the way of you playing the very BEST golf of your ENTIRE life!!

Once those thoughts, feelings and emotions are SURGING through your mind and body, we create a “trigger” so that you can RETURN instantly, automatically, at any time to that state of mind.