wHAT is Golfnosis?

You may be asking yourself – What the heck is "Golfnosis" and more importantly - how can Golfnosis help me?

The word Golfnosis is simply the words "Golf" and "Hypnosis" combined - but the Golfnosis System is much more than simply using hypnosis to help you improve your golf game.

Although some of the mental techniques used in the system rely on hypnosis, many do not. Golfnosis uses techniques from a wide variety of different modalities - from meditation and hypnosis to sports psychology and Neuro-Linguistic-Programming.

In a nutshell Golfnosis is a distillation of the mental techniques used by athletes that work - those techniques which have consistently been used by successful people to win.

  The major components of the Golfnosis System are: