April 04, 2013 - Newsletter: Vol. - 2 - Don't Read This
Mental Techniques for Golf That WORK!

Remember these eight words because they will determine your destiny:

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” – Marcus Aurelius

Don't Read This!

“Your self-talk is the channel of behavior change”
― Gino Norris

Could how you think and the words you use when you talk to yourself have an affect on the way you play golf?

You might be surprised if I told you that the habitual words you use when talking to yourself may be ruining your game!

How you talk to yourself might be making you miss the cut or have the highest score of your foursome!

In this issue of the GolfNosis newsletter we will be covering how the word "Don't" can sap your strength and zap your play.

Thinking is essentially talking to yourself. The average person has approximately 60,000 thoughts in just one day! 

And of those 65,000 thoughts more than 80% are negative thoughts.

One way to lessen the impact of negative thoughts on your golf game is to begin to eliminate words that weaken us.  One of the words that you want to axe from your inner (and outer) vocabulary is the word "Don't".

"Don't" is a contraction of "Do Not" - "don't" refers to something that should not be done.

When you tell yourself "Don't stroke the putt short, wide, long, etc." you are concentrating on what is not wanted, the negative outcome of the situation.

For example when you say to yourself   "I hope I don't hit it in the lake again" - you are actually reinforcing the unwanted action. Your brain starts to conjure up images of your ball splashing merrily into the nearest body of water never to be found again.

I once had a dog, a extremely intelligent and well trained Yellow Labrador Retriever. When I would say "SIT" he would promptly sit down. I thought I would experiment with the word "Don't" - and told him "DON'T SIT" - he sat right down as if the word "Don't" didn't exist - which is exactly how the subconscious mind works - it ignores the word "Don't" - so what you are really telling yourself when you say "Don't hit it into the lake" is "Hit it into the lake" - the don't is not processed by your subconscious mind.

When I say to you "Don't think of a golf club" - which club did you imagine in your mind?

When the word "don't" is included in a sentence the mind must process all of the sentence to make any sense out of it - so it thinks about what is NOT wanted.

When you are shooting the only self-talk should be about your target what you WANT to do and how you are going to "Hit it into the hole".

When Jack Nicklaus visualized where he wanted the ball to land before his shot, I am sure he was not telling himself "don't hit it into that pond over there" and envisioning the ball sinking into the black lagoon! No - he was imagining the ball sitting nice and pretty on the green, or in the hole.

You might be asking yourself "how can I eliminate the word "don't" from my thoughts.

The first step in getting rid of any unwanted habit is to become aware of the habit. Start becoming more aware of how you talk to yourself, the habitual words you use. When you start hearing the word "don't" change the sentence to something that you would like to happen - the positive outcome.

Start listening, really listening to what you are saying to yourself - and if what you are saying does not help you then change that thought to something that will.

P.S. How did you like the "3 Sighs Technique" from the last newsletter?  (If you missed it here is a link to last weeks newsletter and the "3 Sighs" instant relaxation technique.)

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I would love to hear your feedback on how well these GolfNosis techniques are working for you - Thanks!



For more self-talk tips please see my book "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!" - the self-talk chapter contains 4 easy yet effective techniques to help you turn your self-talk into positive actions and results.


My goal with producing these newsletters is to provide you with information on the mental game of golf based on my research and work with my golfing clients.

Just like all of the techniques in my new book "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That WORK!" every technique that will be presented to you in the newsletters have to meet the following criteria:

1. They work.

2. They are easy to use.

3. They will improve your game.

4. They will enhance your life.

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