April 29, 2013 - Newsletter: Vol. - 4 - Concentrated Focus
Mental Techniques for Golf That WORK!

Remember these eight words because they will determine your destiny:

“Our life is what our thoughts make it” – Marcus Aurelius

Concentrated Focus

"The key to success is to focus our conscious mind on things we desire not things we fear."
Brian Tracy

"Concentrate all your thoughts upon the work at hand. The sun's rays do not burn until brought to a focus."
Alexander Graham Bell

It is a pleasant day. The sun warms your shoulders as you step up to your ball. You see the bright white ball in contrast to the cool green of the grass. You hear the birds chirping away as if they didn't have a care in the world. You smell the fresh cut grass as you feel your club in your hands - a perfect day on the golf course.

But your mind and thoughts are scattered. You are thinking of all of the bad things that could happen. "Hope I don't bogey this hole like I did the last one", "Wish that pond was not so close to the green", "I certainly do not appreciate my playing partner's snide comments", "Did I lock my car?".

Your thoughts are hypnotizing yourself to fail - you are using your wonderful brain incorrectly.  You have programmed your Reticular Activating System to play badly.

     How many of you have taken long trips with your kids? Kids are easily bored and the comment your hear most often is "Are we there yet?". To get them to tune into the ride and forget how long it will be till we "get there" my kids and I used to play the "Slug-Bug" game.

The goal of the "Slug-Bug" game was to cry out "Slug-Bug" whenever you saw a Volkswagen Bug (if you play this game today you might want to use a different make of car - not many Volkswagen Bugs on the roads currently). This simple game provided their minds with a task to accomplish and to take their thoughts away from the long drive.

What was happening internally was that they were programming their Reticular Activating system to filter out and ignore all cars but "Slug Bugs".  They were instructing their Reticular Activating System to focus only on VW Bugs.

OK - so what exactly is this "Reticular Activating System"?

The Reticular Activating System or RAS is a mechanism of the brain which allows you to focus on what you deem important.

The human brain is being constantly bombarded with external and internal stimuli and can only concentrate and focus on a few things at a time. The RAS filters out most of the stimuli that is not considered important and focuses on the few items that it has been programmed to find.

Here is a way to experience how your RAS works. Look around your immediate vicinity and notice everything that is black. You are activating your RAS and you will start noticing things in your immediate environment that are black - things that perhaps you did not notice before.

How can we use the RAS to play better golf?

Here are three ways to use your RAS to help you on the golf course.

1.  Focus on where you want your ball to go - your target - if you focus completely on your target your RAS will filter out everything but your target. And by focusing completely on your target you  stand a much better chance of hitting that target.

2.  Before you shoot notice the lay of the ball and search your memory for a similar shot you have made before - remember how good it felt to make that shot.

3.  To quiet your mind, focus on how the club feels in your hands, the weight, the texture of the grip, the balance.

Use these three ways to activate your RAS and start using that miraculous three pounds of grey matter you have in your head.

Please let me know if you have any questions.

I would love to hear your feedback on how well these GolfNosis techniques are working for you - Thanks!



For more focusing tips please see my book "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That Work!" - the chapter "Disciplined Focus" contains 12 easy yet effective techniques to help you concentrate on what you want, how to focus on your goals.

My goal for producing these newsletters is to provide you with information on the mental game of golf based on my research and work with my golfing clients.

Just like all of the techniques in my new book "GolfNosis - Tee Time For Your Mind - Mental Techniques For Golf That WORK!" every technique that will be presented to you in the newsletters have to meet the following criteria:

1. They work.

2. They are easy to use.

3. They will improve your game.

4. They will enhance your life.

Please let your friends know about the tips in the GolfNosis Newsletter and direct them to www.golfnosis.com to sign up for their own copy of the newsletters.

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